Boska Cheese Slicer Monaco +


Boska Cheese Slicer Monaco +

A real Dutchman can’t live in a world without cheese, and to slice the cheese you’ll need a solid cheese slicer. Netherlandssouvenirs offers the best cheeseslicers available.

The masterpiece among the Boska cheese slicers: the Monaco + cheese slicer. More than 120 years of Boska experience has been incorporated into this slicer. The cheese slicer contains all the technological developments that are required to perfectly slice cheese. The well thought-out wafer pattern ensures less resistance on the top. Thanks to the ridges in the cutting section, you can slide through the cheese even more easily. Add to this the patented non-stick treatment and you are sold!

Fantastic product:

With the Cheese Slicer Monaco + you get a fantastic product. The cheese slicer bends slightly during slicing. This will scrape even nicer slices. The top is made of high-quality stainless steel. This makes the cheese slicer extra stylish and sturdy. The ergonomic handle feels great in the hand and the cheese will not stick to your slicer.

Award winning cheese slicer

With this cheese slicer you’ll buy a winner at home. The slicer has won a Red Dot Award. After use you immediately understand why this is so. The cheese slicer is dishwasher safe and you have a 10 year warranty on it.

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