Clog Slippers / Baby Wooden Shoes Pink, Baby Girl


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A baby girl may of course not get cold feet. These clogs do not only look super nice, they are also nice and warm. Perfect for small babies. That is why it is a great gift for newborn babies. Make your (friend’s) baby Dutch and buy these nice clog slippers.

Very Suitable for Kids

The clog slippers also have a stiffened anti-slip sole, so you won’t slip on slippery floors, even though they are called clog slippers. For this reason our clog slippers are very suitable for children. Climbing, running and playing becomes a lot safer with these wooden shoe slippers. As an extra advantage, you also look super Dutch. What is more Dutch than a pair of wooden shoes?

Clog Slippers in Summary

These slippers are perfect for indoor, the main advantages:

  • Warm soft footwear
  • Stiffened anti-slip sole
  • Washing machine proof
  • Less noisy than the wooden ones
  • When somebody throws this shoe at you it won’t hurt
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