Tulip Tea


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The organic tulip from Dutch soil unfolds into a fragrant and beautiful-looking flower in your teapot. This ensures sensational views and gives your tea a delicious and special taste! Click on next image to see the unfolding process.

Handmade Tulip Tea

An organic orange tulip from Dutch soil, after being hand-picked and dried, together with green tea from China, has been processed into a small tea ball. This unfolds into a large scented, tasting and beautiful looking flower as soon as it is topped with hot water. And this ultimately results in a delicious tea that you like to serve – without color, odor or flavorings.

The Perfect Souvenir or Gift

The nice thing about this special tea variety is that it has a typical Dutch origin, making it a nice reminder of tulip country the Netherlands. The Tulip Tea is very suitable as a souvenir for guests who have visited the Netherlands. But even if you come from the Netherlands, it is a nice product to give yourself or others as a gift. The tulips are from North Holland and when you see the fields color again in the summer, you know why the Netherlands can be proud as a tulip exporter.

  • Content: 1 piece of 8 grams
  • Ingredients: organic tulip, green tea and marigold
  • Storage advice: sealed in a dark place with room temperature
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