Wooden Slippers, Tripklomp Plain, Leather Strap Clog


Wooden Slippers with a Leather Strap, the Dutch Working Shoe.

Buy yourself some plain wooden slippers. Wooden shoes have been worn in the Netherlands for centuries, and it is still popular untill this day. It is the perfect shoe for around the house. It is also one of the most iconic souvenirs from Holland. It’s a fun item to gift, or to get as a nice gift from Holland. What’s more Dutch then some traditional wooden shoes.

Wooden Shoes, the perfect shoe for around the house.

Made from lightweight poplar wood, that will provide perfect isolation. Keeping your feet cool in the summer, and warm on the cold winterdays. The shoe is waterproof. When you drop tools, it is no problem. The clog will protect you.

The Gardening / Working Shoe of Holland

In the past, wooden shoes were mainly worn out of poverty. Leather had to be imported, and it was relatively cheap to make wooden shoes. Most people had two pairs of clogs at the time. A pair of plain clogs for the weekdays, and a pair of black clogs for Sundays. Wooden shoes are working shoes, they get dirty and can be slightly damaged during work. It is therefore not necessary to paint a fancy design on work clogs. The waterproof and insulating properties come from wood itself. A wooden shoe without varnish is already waterproof.

The Tripklomp: A wooden shoe with a leather strap.

The “tripklomp” is a popular variant on the normal wooden shoe. The part right above the feet is missing, instead of wood there is a leather strap. The leather strap can be easely adjust to your size with a nail or a screw. This gives extra comfort.

Nowadays the tripklompen are mainly popular in the northern part of the Netherlands, but once they where used all over europe. Espessially the France people embraced the trip. Often it was decorated with a rose and a ear of corn, as signs of fertility.
The clog is mainly worn in places with sandy soil. In many places in the Netherlands there is peaty soil, this can become very soggy and muddy when it rains. A trip clog is not desirable in these areas because it gets sucked into the mud. Traditional fully wooden clogs are therefore always used in these areas. The trip clog can be used in areas with harder soil.

The main advantages of a wooden shoe:

  • waterresistant, you will never get wet feet.
  • the wood provides isolation, it keeps the feet warm in the winter and cold in the summer.
  • never get sweaty feet.
  • orthopedically shaped, resulting in good support and healthy posture
  • safety shoe (has a CE quality mark, and is tested to ressist a pressure of 300 kg / 661 lbs)
  • sharp objects on the ground wont pierce your shoe.
  • easy to get on and off.
  • you can give your shoes a second life as planter.
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